S7 of the UAE Tour : Tadej Pogacar wins UAE Tour as Caleb Ewan takes final stage.

On February 27th, the seventh stage of the Tour of UAE ended. Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Soudal) launched a sprint with the help of the team and defeated his opponent Sam Bennett (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) to win the stage championship. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates) successfully finished the race and successfully won the top spot in the UAE Tournament. The team that played for the home field brought this year's first championship.

Before the end of the sixth stage, as Jan Polanc (UAE Team Emirates) pushed Tadej Pogačar in the last 100 meters, both were fined 10 seconds, 200 Swiss francs and 4 sprint points. Judging from the post-match video, Jan Polanc's actions seemed unintentional, and it didn't make sense to play small moves in the last 100m, so Jan Polanc may just be celebrating Tadej Pogačar. However, just because this move occurred in the last 100m, it may bring safety hazards to the riders on the field, so it is not surprising that they were fined. After the penalty, Tadej Pogačar's overall lead was reduced to 35 seconds, and it was almost impossible for Adam Yates to make a comeback.

In this last flat stage, the time gap between the GC riders did not change much. The three riders broke through in the early stages of the race, with a maximum lead of 3 minutes. At the first sprint point on the way, David Dekker from the rear main group grabbed the fourth place. The teams are still standing still, waiting for a suitable attack opportunity.

In the last 65km, the main group entered the crosswind section, and the INEOS Team launched the last fight, tearing the main group at high speed, and brought out a small group of less than 20 people, Adam Yates, Tadej Pogačar, Caleb Ewan, and Sam Bennett were among them. The small group led by the INEOS Team quickly recovered the early breakout riders and opened a gap of more than half a minute with the chasing group behind.

Perhaps it was an eager turnaround. Adam Yates, who was in front of the leading group, fell 41km from the finish line. Fortunately, the injury was not serious and he quickly got into the car and returned to the leading group, but this fall also completely ruined his dream of defending. Coming to the last sprint point on the way, David Dekker took the first place again, consolidating his sprint green shirt status. Subsequently, the INEOS Team continued to lead the ride, bringing the main group to the final sprint stage.

In the last 2.5km, the sprint train of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team started and competed with other teams for a favorable sprint position to build momentum for Sam Bennett's third championship. Sam Bennett started less than 100m before the finish line. He seemed confident enough to perform a hat-trick here, but Caleb Ewan came prepared today, followed Sam Bennett and responded quickly and output with all his strength. The two quickly went hand in hand. In the end, Caleb Ewan won the heads-up duel and won the stage championship, marking a successful end to this year's Tour of the UAE.

Top three of the stage
1. Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Soudal), average speed 44.436km/h
2. Sam Bennett (Deceuninck-Quick-Step)
3. Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain Victorious)

Top three in total
1. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
2. Adam Yates (INEOS Team) +35 seconds
3. João Almeida (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) +1 minute 2 seconds

The final four-color jersey
Overall score red jersey: Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
Sprint green jersey: David Dekker (Team Jumbo–Visma)
Best young rider white jersey: Tadej Pogačar
On the way to sprint points black jersey: Tony Gallopin (AG2R Citroën Team)

Best team
UAE Team Emirates

Highlights of the tournament