How I Learned to Ride a Bike

kids riding a bike

I got my first bike a 3 years ago. It was a 14inch JOYSTAR bike. I was so excited to use it! I waited long enough for this bike and a wanted to ride on it for so long! To my surprise, it was very hard to paddle so I needed my parents to push me.

I was kind of disappointed that I was unable to ride the bike so I had to use training wheels. All I needed to do then was paddle! It was a bit heavy to paddle so I did sometimes need a small push.

I couldn’t really ride the bike so I needed pushes to help me move better. My legs weren’t very strong so it was still easy to paddle but I was still able to ride it. It was fun going down hills.

A way that I figured out how to practice is pushing and then paddling. It made it easier for me to ride so then I could try to remove the training wheels. I didn’t want to remove it but my parents said I had to if I wanted to master bicycle riding.

I kept on practicing and practicing until I finally mastered it. I need pushes and training wheels throughout my practice. Soon I removed the training wheels and balanced on the bike by myself. Like always, I still needed a small push but overall, I could ride it myself.

I got a new bike through my practice and then I got another one with gears. It took me a while to master bicycle riding.

If you want to master something keep practicing and don’t give up.



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