5 Quick Hacks for Using JOYSTAR Kids Bike

We're glad your Kids bike has arrived and we know you're excited to start using it. We truly appreciate your business.

Of course, your kids will find new freedom on two wheels in this Spring and Summer, but do you know how to use it longer and have more fun? Here are 5 quick hacks that will keep more fun.

1. Make sure your child’s bike fits properly, adjusting the seat and handlebar height at a good position.

2. Make sure your child has a proper bike helmet to protect your child’s head from serious injury.

3. Decorate the bike with the stickers to name the bike if there is attached decal stickers.

4. Make correct routine basic maintenance of your new bike for years of enjoyable riding according to the User's Manual.

5. Register your bike on our official website and get limited lifetime warranty for your new bike.

Have an issue or questions about your new piping tips? Let us hear from you and we'll quickly reply with help.

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